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Car hire Atlanta International Airport

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Location information for Atlanta International Airport

The busiest airport in 2008 was Atlanta Airport in Georgia, US, and it witnessed 90 million travellers use its services to get to places all over the world. There are 179 gates in the airport and 28 of them handle the international flights while the remaining 151 deal with internal flights.

Local flights that travel all over the US helped Atlanta Airport to its title of busiest airport last year and the international flights travel to 83 different destinations in a massive 54 different countries. The success of last year was also down to the airport being so well equipped for travellers.

Cheap car hire at Atlanta Airport USA (ATL) is another major draw for passengers and there are hundreds of places to eat and drink in before a flight. You can even relax with a massage or get your hair and nails done in one of the beauty salons.

Car rental is a wonderful way to see the sights and attraction in the US and Georgia has some lovely scenery and pleasant cities to discover. If you are travelling with children then there is a play area where they can play for a while and there are many places to change nappies all over the airport.

Car hire at Atlanta Airport USA (ATL) is rivalled by the great rain services that run from the airport. If you are planning on getting around after leaving the airport the only sensible option is to get a car as the taxis can be expensive and the trains are limiting.