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Car hire Rome
Car hire Rome

Rome has been a hub of global travel for millennia, rightly deserving its title the Eternal City. With dozens of household name historic attractions, a buzzing urban atmosphere and an entire downtown district protected by UNESCO, this city rarely fails to inspire. Even more treasure awaits visitors on the outskirts, which is best explored with car hire in Rome.

Rome attractions

The star attraction is the ancient Roman area, home to iconic highlights such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Next door is the Modern Quarter, where the city's top dining and shopping is found along Via Veneto. Several world-class museums and the awe-inspiring Vatican complex showcase the vast treasures of Rome.

Rome excursions

History abounds in every direction, and with car rental in Rome, it's easy to reach unique sites like Pompeii or examples of imperial power in Tivoli. A number of ancient hill towns surround the city, such as Frascati, which offers a much slower version of Etruscan culture and lifestyle.

Best time to visit

October is so nice in Rome, they gave it a special title, the beautiful October days. Spring, between April and May, is another wonderful time to visit but the summer months heat up quickly and are notoriously dry. Winters are known for their sporadic periods of cold, rainy weather and even random snowfall.

Car rental in Rome

Driving around the centre of Rome is best left to taxis and brave hearts. But car hire in Rome opens up days of great driving tours around the countryside. International car hire companies are ubiquitous throughout the city, so compare car hire offers to get the best options online prior to your arrival.