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Car hire Bergerac Airport

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Location information for Bergerac Airport

Known for its fascinating history, the statue of Cyrano towering over its downtown, and its more than 120 surrounding vineyards, the picturesque French town of Bergerac is easily accessible by budget car rental. Cheap car hire in Bergerac Roumaniere Airport France (EGC) is the most recommended way to explore the town, as well as everything else the surrounding Dordogne region has to offer.

The easiest way to arrive in Bergerac is by flying into the town’s Roumaniere Airport from larger destinations like London, Southampton, or Paris, all of which offer daily flights to Bergerac. Cheap car hire at Bergerac Roumaniere Airport France (EGC) is the best place to get hold of a vehicle.

The Museum of Tobacco’s smoking paraphernalia exhibits, the depiction of Bergerac’s history as a river trading post at the Wine and Shipping Museum, and the famous Cyrano statue are just a few downtown Bergerac buildings dating from medieval times. Bergerac is also home to several cafés, bars, and restaurants where visitors may enjoy some of France’s finest cuisine and wines from this region deservedly nicknamed Purple Périgord.

The Beaumont du Périgord, an English fortress originally built in 1272, still stands today and is best viewed just a short drive from town by car hire in Bergerac. Bergerac’s water park, Aqua Park Junior Land, offers four pools, a water slide, canoe rentals, beach volleyball, and miniature golf. Cheap car hire in Bergerac Roumaniere Airport France (EGC) is also the best way to take popular daytrips such as the nearby wine regions of Bordeaux and Monbazillac, and the market city of Périgueux.