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A compelling holiday destination that deserves much more international attention, Finland is a small country that has a rich cultural legacy and moving history. In addition, Finland boasts many landscapes of exceptional beauty, such as many brilliant lakes, lush woods and Lapland's tundra that are best explored by cheap car hire in Finland.

The Finnish countryside is truly jaw-dropping and best discovered by budget car rental. Countless wonderful lakes are positioned in southern Finland, which are simply accessible by road. Exploring Finland should always feature a visit to the lakeside community of Inari. Located in northern Lapland, this quaint town boasts a fascinating open-air museum along with colourful, authentic cultural customs and traditions. Cheap car hire reservations in Finland can be arranged through the internet.

Helsinki is the national capital and the nation's most pivotal commercial centre. Finland's capital is blessed with a stunning geographical position on a peninsular. Both the place's wide range of the typical open-air pubs and the vital market square provide the most ideal localities from which where to soak up some of Helsinki's vibrant feel. The city's pulsating and trendy nightlife is a major attraction as well.

Luckily Turku retained its delightful old quarter as Finland's oldest city survived many armed conflicts and devastating fires. Today, Turku's splendid medieval quarter is a meeting spot for artists, which contribute to the square's unique atmosphere. Turku Castle is one of the city's tourist highlights. This impressing 13th century structure boasts a great museum as well. The most rewarding exploration trips are provided by car hire in Finland.

Representing Santa Claus' residency and famed for its reindeer, rejuvenating sauna treatments, crystal clear lakes, dense forests, colourful culture, Baltic roots, and Nokia electrical goods, Finland is one of our planet's most advanced countries. Boasting an amazing selection of architectural masterpieces, Helsinki is a glitzy and modern city with lively markets, great shops, good restaurants, quality accommodation and vibrant nightlife spots.