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Nestled in the famous Costa Blanca of Spain, the beautiful coastal town of Alicante is considered to be the country’s top coastal resort. Alicante attracts visitors from all over the world to its beautiful beaches. The region around Alicante is famous for its produce and visitors can enjoy oranges, almonds, olives and wine here. The […]

Located on the south coast of Portugal, the Algarve is a popular coastal resort area which is also known as the Costa del Sol of Portugal. The coastal cities of Lagos and Albufeira are considered the best resort cities, and are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The area is […]

The district of Bohuslan is home to two airports, the minor of the two being Goteborg City Airport. Although its reputation is associated with low-cost airlines such as Wizz Air, Ryanair, and Air Berlin, it is the preferred terminus of business flights because it is nearer Gothenburg city than the major airport Gothenburg-Landvetter. Most business […]

A trip to Spain is not complete without passing by the cultural city of Granada in southern Spain. A myriad of vivid sights and events will certainly dazzle the senses into memorable experiences that deserve to be relived over and over. You will know what I mean when you visit Granada. Together with popular towns […]

Amid the industrial figure of Huddersfield is a great town full of wonders and natural beauty. Tourists keep coming back for Huddersfield’s relaxing atmosphere and great cultural value. The town overflows with magnificent landscapes, historical museums , livening activities and great cuisine. Whatever you are looking for in a vacation or escape trip, this town […]

The Mytilene International Airport otherwise known as the Odysseas Elytis is a small airport in the Aegean Island of Lesvos, serving domestic and international flights alike. The airport offers and serves a select range of flights and airlines. The airport serves as a gateway to the great island of Lesvos and can be accessed through […]

London Croydon is said to be the “Dallas of the South”, being a major business centre and commercial town. Croydon makes home for large businesses and high-rise office establishments although the cityscape is not all about the industry. Through the hodgepodge of buildings and skyscrapers is a town with much to offer, form historical architectures […]

Lubeck Airport lies along the North German Motorways, which provides access to excellent ground transportation to and from the airport. The airport is formally called the Lubeck Blankensee Airport or Flughafen Lubeck Blankensee (Gernan), and serves the Hamburg Metropolitan Area, alongside the Hamburg Airport. Public transport serving the airport include buses which have routes to […]

If you’re going to visit the Spanish city of Madrid from another part of the country, one of the best entry points that you can use would have to be Madrid – Atocha. This is where one of the main railway stations in the city is located. Many tourists take to arranging for cheap car […]

Arranging for cheap car hire in Manchester – Salford is a good idea for those who want to conveniently get around this city and explore other nearby areas in North West England. The city is best known through the paintings of LS Lowry although interestingly, it has already gone through drastic changes so that the […]