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Crete is probably the most popular island resort in Greece. The island is not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, but it is steeped in history. Car hire in Crete is a convenient way to explore this beautiful island and reach its hidden coves and beaches. Crete attractions Visitors can […]

Cork, a city of history and traditional Irish culture, is situated in the south of Ireland. It has a number of historic buildings such as St Finnbars Cathedral and Shandon Church, where visitors are able to ring the church bells. Summer is festival season in Cork, with no less than four festivals including a jazz […]

Known as the trendiest city in South Africa, Cape Town is home to the iconic Table Mountain. Recognised for both for its vibrant city life and its great beaches, this city is a place to enjoy great wines, produced locally in the many vineyard around the city. Car hire in Cape Town is the best […]

Although Brisbane is behind Melbourne and Sydney in terms of population, it has its own set of cultural attractions with which to draw visitor crowds. The Queensland capital is known for being one of the east coast’s most forward-thinking cities, and this is demonstrated in its cutting-edge art and music scenes. The area is surrounded […]

Boston, one of the world’s top centres for academia, features an array of world-class universities. These institutions see vast amounts of visitors, along with the city’s museums and historical sites. Indeed, a visit to these locations is essential to a visitor’s understanding of Boston’s prominent role in US history. Boston attractions The Museum of Fine […]

Those who venture to the city of Bordeaux will have a hard time avoiding the bountiful amount of locally produced wine. The city is one of the world’s leading wine producers, a fact its citizens are proud of. The French community is also renowned for its liberal attitudes and having once been under the rule […]

For a small-sized town in the west of France, Bergerac is unexpectedly famous. Its wine production has seen the town’s name used on many a bottle of vintage wine, with Bergerac wines well-known worldwide. Set in the stunning Dordogne region, the land of black truffle, this tourist-friendly destination offers easy access to surrounding wineries, chateaux […]

Barcelona has everything a classic European city is known for: incredible dining, outdoor markets, exciting shopping and cultural treasures. But this Mediterranean beauty also boasts wonderful beaches and a wealth of cutting-edge art and architecture. From its pedestrian-friendly old town to miles of beachfront boardwalk, there’s no end to the activities in Barcelona. Barcelona attractions […]

Antalya sits pleasantly on the Turkish Riviera and is well known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains and great selection of Greco-Roman ruins. Many visitors come to the region to simply stay in one of the many resorts, but those who crave adventure normally use car rental in Antalya to explore the city and its […]

Almeria, filled with and surrounded by tourist attractions including ruins dating back to the Moorish occupation of the city, stands imposingly over the Mediterranean Sea. This sunny region of Spain offers stunning beaches stretching across an uncrowded coastline where diving, snorkelling and horseback riding take place. Almeria attractions The Alcazaba, a 10th century fortress partly […]