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Passengers boarding some of Emirates Airlines’ fleet of Airbus A380s will be able settle back and log onto the internet, check emails, tweet friends and surf the web as the Dubai-based carrier launches it Wi-Fi service. The technology is provided by OnAir, an industry leader. Customers in possession of laptops, tablets and smart phones follow […]

Scientists are due to begin road testing new software which allows vehicles on the road to talk to each other. An Italian team working at the University of Bologna has come up with a system which will allow cars to tell one another what is happening up ahead long before they get there. Unlike conventional […]

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has been chosen as the 2011 Airline of the Year by industry magazine Air Transport World. The publication’s editors singled out the Middle Eastern carrier because of its commitment to safety, its outstanding customer service, reliability and excellent financial performance. Since 1985, when the service was first launched, Emirates has consistently tried […]

Researchers in Germany have now added yet another application to the iPhone. This one allows users to operate a motorized vehicle directly from their handheld device. A camera installed on top of the vehicle sends a live video feed to the mobile phone which in turn has separate buttons that allow the ‘driver’ to control […]