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Enterprise to invest in growing electric fleet

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Enterprise Holdings has announced that it will be investing in growing its fleet of electrically powered vehicles as well as improving its infrastructure by upgrading facilities and introducing more charging stations. The car hire giant also said it was the first company in the US to introduce the Chevy Volt into its electric fleet.

Currently, Enterprise supplies customers with a range of EVs including the Nissan LEAF, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Peugeot iOn. The company will be growing the number of electric vehicles available through its WeCar programme, business schemes and Enterprise branches in territories such as Seattle, San Francisco and Portland.

In a statement, Enterprise chairman and CEO Andrew Taylor said it was vital to the future of the car hire industry to keep vehicles economically viable and acceptable to the consumer. He added that 1.6 million vehicles are introduced by the industry every year, and the way in which those vehicles are powered is going to become increasingly important.

Lisa Martini, a company spokesperson, said Enterprise intended to use 5,500 branches around the US to introduce more customers to the latest alternative technology. She added that the introduction of more EVs would help Enterprise to become more environmentally friendly.

Over the coming five years, Enterprise is aiming to reduce the amount of energy it uses, along with related costs, by 20 per cent annually. By doing this, the firm said it would save around $50 million. As well as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the firm operates the National and Alamo brands.

Enterprise WeCar car sharing launches in Raleigh

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has launched its car sharing program WeCar in Raleigh, North Carolina, which allows environmentally-conscious consumers to take advantage of accessible autos in the city to accommodate their short-term driving needs. The program offers 24-hour service, charged per hour, and its implementation in Raleigh makes the city only the third in the US to have a public version of the initiative, following on the heels of St Louis, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Ryan Johnson, Enterprise Rent-A-Car vice president for WeCar operations, said that the program gives consumers a hassle-free, low-cost way to rent autos on a short-term basis. He went on to add that consumers can register for the program on the WeCar website, then begin making reservations around Raleigh after they receive their membership card, which is used to grant access to the vehicle’s keys by swiping it through an on-board computer in the car.

According to Mitchell Silver, Raleigh’s planning director; the debut of WeCar demonstrates the growth of Raleigh as a major US city. He went on to say that program’s such as the WeCar car sharing initiative help to foster and promote effective and environmentally-friendly travel, and will provide a wider array of transportation alternatives for the residents in Raleigh.

WeCar car hire rolled out at the University of Oregon

Friday, September 25th, 2009

As part of its move to extend its car sharing operations throughout the US, Enterprise Rent A Car has introduced its WeCar car hire program to the University of Oregon campus. Two new Toyota Prius cars will now be available to students and staff at the university for car rental by the hour, overnight, during the day and even for short trips over the weekend. The environmentally friendly cars can be booked by drivers in just a matter of minutes whenever they are available, 24 hours a day.

The cars will be stationed on the university’s campus close to the Living Learning Centre. The idea behind offering the WeCar car rental service is to give drivers access to a vehicle that they will only have to pay for whilst they are actually using it. It is hoped that the scheme will encourage students and staff members to leave their cars at home to reduce vehicle congestion at the university. It also means that students will now be freer of the financial problems that come with owning a car at university.

Once signed up to the scheme the method of booking one of the cars is fully automated and takes just a few minutes. The University WeCar service is the first in the state of Oregon and mirrors WeCar operations at a number of other universities across the U.S.

Stephanie Kurtzman, who is director of the Community Service Office at the University of Washington, says that she would recommend the service to everyone, as it offers all the advantages of having an economical and convenient vehicle without actually having to own one.