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Emirates launches internet connection on A380s

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Passengers boarding some of Emirates Airlines’ fleet of Airbus A380s will be able settle back and log onto the internet, check emails, tweet friends and surf the web as the Dubai-based carrier launches it Wi-Fi service. The technology is provided by OnAir, an industry leader.

Customers in possession of laptops, tablets and smart phones follow a few easy steps after requesting the service, and they are logged on. Many Emirates passengers may already have been able to go on line during their journeys as the carrier started to trial the system last year.

According to a spokesman for the airline, the roll out on just a few A380 superjumbos a year ago gave the airline the chance to see what passengers really wanted to get from the OnAir service. He added that Emirates understood that remaining connected while in the air was becoming more important to customers. He went on to say that the airline intended to continue to develop the product.

By the middle of next year, all new Airbus superjumbos being delivered to Emirates will come with the Wi-Fi service on-board. The carrier currently has 71 planes on order with the European planemaker.

Providing a Wi-Fi service for passengers to access the net or in-flight entertainment is something that many larger airlines around the globe are currently investing in. Virgin Australia said it intends to offer the service as of the middle of 2012. The carrier recently signed a deal with Lufthansa to provide and install the system.