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Britons use car hire for excursions and long trips

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

The current economic situation has forced families across the UK to be more prudent with their spending, affecting a range of business, especially the car market, as many families who used to purchase a second car beginning to opt out.

With few sales in the second hand car market, prices were dramatically reduced for the cars to sell.

According to latest reports on the car sales market, a new trend has begun emerging in the UK, as most people choosing to sell their family car and choosing to rent a car for family outings.

Hire cars are now being sought for occasional trips to the zoo, weekends away and Christmas shopping trips.

Many families are satisfied with the decision, as it provides them with peace of mind for the extra mileage that their car is not driving, as this doesn’t decrease the value of their car on the used car market.  Also, a rental car has far better fuel economy and is easy on the hip pockets and can be beneficial in the long run.  Car rental firms are excited by the prospect of more customers in the foreseeable future.

Car hire firm Europcar has said that about 68 per cent of respondents in a survey had already used a hire car for an excursion or a long trip in the UK this year.

About 49 per cent said that they have altered their driving habits, with 73 per cent saying they would make use of a hire car in the coming year.

Many customers are also opting to sell their car and make use of per-day car hire, known as car sharing, which can provide an cost effective and convenient alternative to regular car hire services, particularly for those who require hire cars for the short-term or on irregular occasions.

Sixt launches January car hire promotion

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Customers seeking car hire in January can take advantage of some great savings as UK car hire giant Sixt launches a new promotion for car and van hire.

Customers hoping to ease the winter blues can take advantage of the promotion by hiring the popular Volkswagen Golf, for just £29 a day which has already been proven to be very popular.

With Sixt’s entire range of VW Golf vehicles starting from as low as £29 per day, anyone thinking of renting a car for a weekend break should not miss this promotion.  Tourists will also benefit as the range of VW Golfs also includes SatNav technology.

Those who are seeking van hire are also not left out, as Sixt is leasing vans from £29 a day, so to transport all those Christmas presents back home or to take advantage of January sales, Ford Transits are also available for just £29 per day.

Sixt operates from 15 locations across London including Kings Cross, Battersea and Ilford, those seeking hire cars around the M25 can be assured of friendly service from a UK company.

The company specialises in offering high quality cars at competitive prices, also including a fleet of luxury cars such as Mercedes, Audi and VW along with a range of smaller cars.  Trucks and vans are also available to hire on a short or long term basis.

Customers who choose to take advantage of this exclusive offer can book directly with Sixt’s website or by using their iPhone or Blackberry to make a booking.