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There has not been a better time all year for Britons to travel to the US. The pound is the strongest it’s been all summer and lack of tourists has brought prices down in the US. Airlines are dropping prices and offering deals that were unheard of at this time last year. The pound has […]

Japan Airlines set a new record for itself with the huge losses it experienced in the second quarter of 2009. They haven’t seen such bad times since 2003. Overall revenue declined by 32% because it was dragged down by weak international sales which were off by 46%. The airlines stock has dropped 21 % in […]

It seems that some people are willing to go to great lengths at the moment to save money on flight tickets. When STA travel agents announced that they would be issuing £10 tickets to Australia starting from 8am Wednesday at eight branches across Britain, people camped outside the travel agents for up to 72 hours […]

Australian tour companies are keen to be seen as environmentally aware. This week, a leading Australian tourism organisation released a study to aid and advise tour companies in ways to become greener and leaner. The Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) has used key climate change projections to compile a scoping study which exploring the […]

A man 65 years old and his wife of 59 have been hospitalized as a result of a grisly machete attack that happened yesterday in Bacelot on the island of Tobago. Peter Green and his wife Miriam, both of the UK, had been long-time visitors to the island and actually own a holiday home there. […]

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, STA travel is offering a promotion on flights to Australia that has people camping out in a queue threes days before tickets actually go on sale. The event is known as the “£10 Pom” and it offers plane tickets at the ridiculously low price of £10 to travelers who […]

How far would you go to save a few quid? It seems when it comes to air travel, the sky is the limit. According to a new survey by travelsupermarket, travellers are determined to avoid paying for excess baggage and go to great lengths to ensure they don’t have to. These measures include wearing heavy […]

In a move to trim costs in the midst of a recession, airlines have completely eliminated more than 140 routes that previously served UK holidaymakers on their way to the mainland. Most the canceled routes originated at regional airports like Gatwick that has seen 13 routes shut down including the popular flight to Rome. Leeds/Bradford […]

Britons, tired of all the rain and facing more wet weather to come, are looking for last minute holiday bargains by the score. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) says that holiday bookings have increased by 40% just in the past few days. Meanwhile travel giant Expedia reported that bookings for long distance destinations […]

As Australian citizens and travellers the world over eagerly anticipate the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Emirates have just announced the theme of their marquee. This year the airline will be adopting an Indian theme, drawing inspiration for some of the country’s most elaborate palaces such as the Taj Mahal and mighty monuments in Delhi and Jaipur. […]