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Leading car hire company Hertz have just launched a new way of settling once and for all disputes over damage caused to rental cars. The company is introducing a photographic inspection system in which all cars will be photographed and documented before being hired out. Sounds simple, but this measure will save the company a […]

So successful is leading car hire company Enterprise Rent-A-Car that it has just managed to expand its rental network by opening a new branch at Stansted Airport. The new branch will be beneficial to both Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Stansted Airport as it will provide travellers with extra options and make leaving the airport even easier. […]

Staff at Heathrow airport may soon be popping the champagne as for the third month in a row the number of passengers has risen, making last month the third-busiest month of traffic on record in July. The number of late bookings increased dramatically last month, as more than six million passengers passed through the airport, […]

Australian tour companies are keen to be seen as environmentally aware. This week, a leading Australian tourism organisation released a study to aid and advise tour companies in ways to become greener and leaner. The Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) has used key climate change projections to compile a scoping study which exploring the […]

As Australian citizens and travellers the world over eagerly anticipate the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Emirates have just announced the theme of their marquee. This year the airline will be adopting an Indian theme, drawing inspiration for some of the country’s most elaborate palaces such as the Taj Mahal and mighty monuments in Delhi and Jaipur. […]

Faced with major changes in work practices after from the merging of customs and immigration controls into one UK Border Agency, British Airways baggage handlers and check-in staff are considering a two day walkout. In addition, 4,100 immigration officials who check passports at the air and sea ports in the UK are also considering striking […]

Acting on a recent brainwave, the tourist board in New South Wales is setting its sights on those aged between 18 and 30 who want to visit Australia in order to travel, work and study. The new marketing promotion, which is part of the Global Youth Program in UK, is making efforts to contact young […]

The UK is experiencing 2.7% decline in visits from overseas travelers, marking the first time in seven years that the numbers have declined. The figures were just made public in the Travel Trends report published by the Office for National Statistics. Likewise, Britons are choosing to take their holidays closer to home in response to […] Anyone who has ever dreamed of travelling to the center of Australia and climbing Uluru may soon be disappointed. A plan set out by the Director of National Parks has scheduled the gradually banning of climbing the mighty rock over the next ten years. Also known as Aires Rock, Uluru stands at an impressive […]