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Since last year, the average cost of owning a car has shot up by around 14 per cent, the RAC claims in a recent study. The paper shows that the biggest single contributing factor is the price of filling a tank. Over the past year, the cost of putting petrol into a car has shot […]

The high cost of petrol is forcing many motorists to cut back on the journeys they make. According to a recent survey by the RAC, around a third of drivers are making fewer journeys than they would like because of fuel prices. Diesel currently costs around £1.42 per litre and unleaded is at £1.37. Among […]

Many motorists may not feel particularly festive when they look at their latest fuel receipts. Last week, the price of a litre of petrol hit 121.76p. This is a new record and it could be set to increase further after VAT is pushed to 20 per cent in the New Year. According to Edmund King, […]

The Royal Automotive Club Foundation (RAC) has announced that they believe one of the best ways to reduce UK traffic congestion problems is through a tax which will charge motorists based on how far they travel. This pay-per-mile fee may be the only viable alternative by which to reduce the country’s growing traffic problem, according […] For those planning to explore Europe this summer, hiring a car is a great way to do it. There’s nothing better than the freedom of going exactly where you want whenever you want and driving through Europe can be a lot of fun. However, research by the RAC reveals that 76 per cent of […]