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Police Chief of South Wales, Peter Vaughan, has said that he doesn’t agree with the government’s plans to push the legal speed limit on the UK’s roads up to 80mph. He explained that it was basic science that when something is travelling faster, it makes more of an impact when it meets something which is […]

Police forces across England and Wales have collated their drink drive statistics for the festive period. In December 2010, due to the extreme wintry weather conditions, officers stopped and tested 170,000 motorists. For the same period a year earlier they did the same with a total of 223,000 drivers. On average arrests were slightly up […]

The AA is predicting a hike in the number of insurance claims made over the festive period from motorists having accidents directly attributable to the current severe weather conditions. Across the UK the number of claims is already up by ten per cent and nearly a quarter of these claims are due to the snow […]

Road safety experts are warning that drug drivers will continue to get away with being high behind the wheel until some type of roadside testing device is issued to the country’s traffic police. At the moment all an officer can do if a suspected drug driver is apprehended is ask them to perform a field […]

A self-employed driving instructor from Devon faces a possible jail sentence after manipulating the data in his sat nav to escape a speeding charge. Shaun Richards of Exeter was allegedly clocked driving over the 40mph limit on the A386 in west Devon. The Road Safety Support data shows that this happened on 1 June last […]

A recent online survey suggests that although many motorists are still breaking speed limits, they do not mean to. The research, conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in August and September, shows that nearly 90 per cent of drivers in the UK intend to comply with speed regulations. Unfortunately, 60 per cent replied to […]

A driver is facing police action for deliberately driving through a puddle with the intention of splashing a group of school children who were waiting for a bus. Police have responded to a number of complaints about the 24 second clip which had been posted on video hosting website YouTube. The video shows the driver […]

A woman is facing a possible prison sentence of fifteen years for failing to return her hire car. The woman, from West Palm Beach in Florida, didn’t return the vehicle to Detroit Metropolitan Airport as at the agreed time. It was first reported to police that Ashley Marie Martin had disappeared with her car hire […]