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A senior member of the European Parliament has voiced his concerns that UK airports are deliberately holding back on a lifting of the regulations on liquids for airline passengers because they do not want to spend money on new scanning equipment. Brian Simpson, head of the transport committee, said he did not believe that airports […]

Gordon Brown found himself at the centre of a row on a British Airways flight to London from the Middle East recently after a number of other passengers were told they would have to move out of business class because of an overbooking issue. The problem suddenly arose during a stopover in Abu Dhabi where […]

British Airways passengers travelling from India to the UK this week, on Flight BA 142, were frustrated by two unscheduled stopovers which meant they landed in London nearly 13 hours later than they were supposed to. The first city added to the itinerary was Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The pilot requested permission to land […]

Cathay Pacific passengers who remained stranded on the tarmac at New York’s JFK for up to 11 hours after snow storms hit the east coat of America earlier in the week are furious that the airline failed to communicate what was happening. Many are angry that the airline allowed flights to depart from Hong Kong […]

Following the devastation of the world’s banking crisis in which business travellers all but disappeared, British Airways has announced that, in October, it carried 4.6 per cent more premium class passengers than in the same month a year ago. Overall, passenger numbers were up for the airline by 3.9 per cent on last October. However, […]

Airlines have been hitting out at Air Passenger Duty (APD). British Airways said that on some long-haul flights APD could mean a fare increase of up to 55 per cent. The UK government has called APD an environmental tax. BA claims it is already paying twice over for the amount of carbon it emits, even […]

Budget rivals Tiger Airways and Air Asia are still not playing nicely with each other. Following the cancellation recently of a number of flights which meant thousands of Tiger passengers were left stranded, full page advertisements by Air Asia have appeared in The Business Times and The Straits Times newspapers. The ads feature a picture […]

Belgian airline passengers faced chaos yesterday as the country’s air traffic controllers walked out on a wildcat strike. Planes were grounded and some inbound flights were forced to land in neighbouring countries as airspace was effectively closed for eight hours. Although the sudden walkout was planned to last for 24-hours, emergency negotiations between the air […]

A new survey has revealed that over three-quarters of people believe that obese passengers should be charged a ‘fat tax’, according to a travel comparison website, as last week Air France implemented a new fee for larger passengers who are forced to purchase a second seat to accommodate their size. The airline said that although […]

The controversial third runway at Heathrow may not need to be built if Birmingham Airport can persuade officials that it is a viable alternative. The airport is suggesting that rather than transplanting Heathrow’s traffic it could take on some of the excess traffic flying into the South East. Birmingham claims that fifty percent of the […]

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