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Euston Station not built to handle HS2

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

The controversial HS2 rail link to Birmingham from London could cause congestion at some London Underground stations which would negate the argument that it will save on travel times, according to Transport for London. The body’s deputy chairman, Daniel Moylen, has argued that if the scheme were to go ahead, then key stations such as Euston may need to shut down during rush-hour periods.

He explained that there was no space at Euston for an influx of thousands of additional passengers. It is estimated that an extra 3,400 commuters would try to use the station. The only way this would be possible, other than initiating a closure during the morning, would be an expansion project, Mr Moylen explained.

The new train line, which would transport passengers at up to 250mph, would not be opened before 2026. Critics of the project say the estimated budget of £33 billion would be much better spent improving the current transport infrastructure. There has also been much criticism of the planned route which would slice through areas of natural beauty.

Transport for London claims that if the scheme gets the green-light, then the number of people attempting to use the Victoria Line from Euston will double. It said a similar situation would affect the Northern Line.

HS2 has responded by claiming that, during the project’s primary phase, the number of passengers at Euston would only be expected to rise by around two per cent. A spokesman said HS2 would be prepared to work alongside TfL on any expansion project at the station.