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Cruise forced to end early because of vomiting bug

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The Fred Olsen Cruise Liner, The Balmoral has been forced to end its journey ahead of schedule because more than 100 passengers have fallen ill with a vomiting bug. Passengers started to feel ill as the ship was cruising around the Scottish islands. By the time the liner was supposed to head to Guernsey and the Channel Islands it was decided that too many people were not particularly enjoying themselves and the ship headed straight back to Dover.

The Balmoral was carrying 1,200 passengers on what was supposed to be a nine night cruise around the British Isles. A number of passengers and crew had to be confined to their quarters as the norovirus bug spread throughout the ship. It is strongly believed that the virus was brought on board The Balmoral by a lady who boarded at Dover where the cruise started. The ship’s medical staff diagnosed her with the gastro-intestinal illness and asked her to remain in her cabin so as to prevent its spread to the other passengers. Evidently she did not like being put into quarantine and was seen sneaking out of her quarters and mixing with the other passengers, one hundred of whom quickly succumbed to the virus.

The Balmoral is now due to depart on a cruise around the Baltic for 12 nights. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines have said that one of the reasons for returning to Dover early was so that the ship could undergo a deep clean before any passengers came aboard.

 Passengers may take legal action against Thompson

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Seventeen passengers who became ill while on a two-week cruise ship holiday aboard the Thompson Spirit are claiming that the ship harbored unsanitary conditions causing their illnesses. They have hired a legal firm to seek redress from Britain’s Thompson Cruises.

All of the passengers contracted norovirus and they believe that Thompson should have done something about the ship’s poor hygiene.

The group’s legal representative, Suki Chhokar, said “We are very concerned about the reports of widespread illness and hygiene complaints on board. It certainly sounds like more could and should have been done to reduce the risk of passengers becoming ill. We have invited Thomson to admit liability and hope that they will do so quickly and work with us to fairly compensate our clients. If not, legal proceedings are likely to be commenced.”

Thompson Cruise claims that they tried to do everything they could to alleviate the onboard situation and they are denying liability at this point. Their position is that the outbreak of the norovirus was not caused by unhealthy conditions on the ship.

Allegedly there were more than a hundred passengers that got sick. Some of victims became so violently ill that they couldn’t leave their rooms for three entire days.

A travel watchdog group, Holiday Travel Watch, has come forward to say that there have been complaints about the Thompson Spirit before this one.

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