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Expedia announces Mexico travel growth

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Online travel giant Expedia has recorded a significant growth in demand for holidays in Mexico over the last 12 months. The jump in demand has been recorded across Expedia travel sites and the brand around the world. However, much of the 25 per cent hike in demand for Mexico has come from the UK, the US and Canada.

Expedia’s Latin America VP of market management, Marco Taliatti, confirmed that Mexico was an extremely popular choice of destination with Expedia travellers. He added that the country was often in the top three in terms of positive feedback.

Over the past year, Expedia has grown its hotel partnerships in Mexico by 30 per cent. More than 120 of those properties made it on to the travel firm’s exclusive Insiders’ Select list. For hotels joining the Expedia online marketplace there is access to an audience of around 50 million travellers who access Expedia and every month. This number is expected to increase as more travellers become familiar with the advantages of booking their holidays over the net.

Expedia’s Mexico and Central America director of market management, Pablo Castro, said that by partnering with Expedia, hotels had access to a completely new audience of customers. He added that by sharing its wealth of information on booking behaviour and trends gathered from across the globe, Expedia could help its partner hotels to better develop their marketing strategies and boost occupancy rates.

Expedia aims to grow its team of 40 revenue managers in Mexico this year.

Mexico OKs the use of cell phones on planes

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

In welcome news to travelers the world over, Mexico has joined the ranks of the first nations to allow the use of cell phones in flight. The lifting of the ban was announced by Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Department. For years the ban has continued to annoy air passengers from every walk of life.

The cell phone has become a fixture of daily life throughout the world and airline passengers have never understood why the ban was necessary in the first place. During preflight announcements, flight attendants patiently explain that the devices may interfere with cockpit navigation equipment. No proof of this interference has ever been offered.

Last year the European Union did away with their ban on electronic devices and there have been no mishaps involving navigation equipment. The ban had been in place for nearly eight years in Europe before finally being lifted.

Similarly, Malaysia Airlines has a service that allows passengers to communicate on cell phones and other communication devices such as Palm and Blackberry while in flight.

The USA continues to enforce its version of the ban. Cell phones can only be used on the ground and must be kept stored and turned off during flight on all US flights.

Holidaymakers fleeing hurricane Jimena

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Fearing one of the biggest storms ever to hit the Baja region of Mexico, holidaymakers were packing up and getting out yesterday before Hurricane Jimena was expected to make landfall. Winds were recorded at 145 mph making it a category 4 hurricane. Every flight out of the area has been completely booked.

The Los Cabos resort area, famous for its opulent mansions, five star hotels, and many golf resorts is braced for the storm with windows boarded up and remaining tourists huddled into shelters. The area is a favorite with the Hollywood rich and famous.

Fortunately, overnight the storm weakened quite a bit and wind speed is now down to 105 mph and it’s been downgraded to category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Hurricane force winds extend outward as much as 50 miles.
It is still considered dangerous and as much as 10 inches of rain is forecast.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami is warning of possible flash floods and mudslides in the area.

The Mexican government has set up shelters in schools and other sturdy public buildings to accommodate those tourists who could not make it out. All flights have been cancelled as of this afternoon as the hurricane moves closer.