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Off duty British Airways crew asked to behave

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

British Airways is worried that the party lifestyle of some of its younger cabin crew members could end in it having to scrap services. Captains have been asked by senior management to do there best to ensure that crew staying overnight in a hotel behave in a respectable manner.

The airline has been receiving complaints of wild parties and disruptive behaviour by off duty BA staff from a number of hotels including its crew hotel in Nairobi. A memo has gone out to captains explaining that because this is the only hotel in the Kenyan capital which can be used by crew because of the security situation; if BA has its contract cancelled the airline might have to pull out of the route altogether.

Long-haul flights to and from Nairobi are currently worth millions of pounds to the airline. A source at BA explained that the problem was due to mixed fleet crews. These consist of young new recruits who are jetting to far off destinations and spending the night in luxury hotels. The fact that they are not being paid much does not necessarily matter as there is discounted alcohol on the aircraft.

Another source explained that when away from home cabin crew often kept themselves entertained by drinking cheap alcohol in expensive hotel rooms. He said that the rumours about who was sleeping with whom and who did what would be discussed on what airline staff refer to as Galley FM.

A spokesman for BA said the airline took all complaints extremely seriously and continued to remind crew of the high standards expected when they are overseas.