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Research conducted by a driving charity and an insurance company has revealed that a quarter of all drivers who have accumulated 12 points, or in some cases a great many more, are still being permitted to take to the roads. According to Direct Line Insurance and Brake, one driver is still getting behind the wheel […]

Westminster has said it will not be lowering the level of alcohol motorists are permitted to have in their blood even though a government commissioned study has made the recommendation to do so. Sir Peter North, who headed the report, has advised that the current level of 80mg per 100ml of blood be reduced to […]

New research undertaken by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has found that many British travelers are unaware of the specific rules in place that prevent them from bringing certain foodstuffs back to the U.K. from countries outside the European Union. The research showed that fifty-five percent of people who travel would like […]