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Investigation into M5 crash focuses on firework display

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The investigation into the M5 crash which took place last Friday night could take weeks, according to Justine Greening, the transport secretary. She was speaking to MPs when she confirmed that the incident had resulted in seven people dying, and 51 being injured. The pile up involved a total of 37 vehicles.

Avon and Somerset Police have said that they are currently focusing their investigation on a nearby firework display. The fireworks were being let off not far from the carriageway at Taunton Rugby Club. Police suspect that there was a large amount of smoke being produced, and that it caused treacherous driving conditions on the night.

Anthony Bangham, assistant chief constable, said that police would be interviewing all those who had attended the display to find out what conditions were like leading up to the crash. He explained that smoke was extremely difficult to drive through and that it may have been combined with already foggy conditions.

Among those who lost their lives were Pam and Tony Adams, from Newport. According to Canon Andrew Willie, the pair had been together since falling in love when they were teenagers. Both were in their 70s.

Lorry drivers Terry Brice, from Bristol, and Kye Thomas, from Cornwall, also died in the accident. Both worked for the same haulage firm, Samworth Brothers. Another colleague received injuries in the pile-up. Director Mark Samworth, said it was the top priority to make sure that the victims’ families were being given everything they needed at an extremely difficult time.

New Transport Secretary not neutral claims Willie Walsh

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Former British Airways boss, and current CEO of International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh, has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of appointing new Transport Secretary Justine Greening as a fireguard against an aviation policy which is detrimental to the British economy. Ms Greening has taken over the top transport position after Philip Hammond filled that vacancy of Defence Secretary left by Liam Fox on Friday.

According to sources at IAG, Mr Walsh is concerned that the MP for Putney will have a conflict of interests. The south-west London constituency is on the flight path to Heathrow. Ms Greening has been a campaigner against any expansion at the UK hub.

Mr Walsh wants to see capacity increased at Heathrow through the construction of a third runway. However, the government, which is presently examining aviation policy, has said that there will be no expansion. The transport department is looking into creating a high-speed rail link between Gatwick and Heathrow which it claims will create a virtual hub.

Mr Walsh recently spoke out against the proposed scheme saying that it would be too expensive and could take years to complete. He has always said that expansion at Heathrow would be funded by airlines, not the tax payer.

Separately, IAG said that Mr Walsh was planning to contact Ms Greening to ask her to do away with air passenger duty. The controversial tax has been blamed for a fall off in tourist numbers and is also said to be damaging business in the UK.