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Enterprise to invest in growing electric fleet

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Enterprise Holdings has announced that it will be investing in growing its fleet of electrically powered vehicles as well as improving its infrastructure by upgrading facilities and introducing more charging stations. The car hire giant also said it was the first company in the US to introduce the Chevy Volt into its electric fleet.

Currently, Enterprise supplies customers with a range of EVs including the Nissan LEAF, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Peugeot iOn. The company will be growing the number of electric vehicles available through its WeCar programme, business schemes and Enterprise branches in territories such as Seattle, San Francisco and Portland.

In a statement, Enterprise chairman and CEO Andrew Taylor said it was vital to the future of the car hire industry to keep vehicles economically viable and acceptable to the consumer. He added that 1.6 million vehicles are introduced by the industry every year, and the way in which those vehicles are powered is going to become increasingly important.

Lisa Martini, a company spokesperson, said Enterprise intended to use 5,500 branches around the US to introduce more customers to the latest alternative technology. She added that the introduction of more EVs would help Enterprise to become more environmentally friendly.

Over the coming five years, Enterprise is aiming to reduce the amount of energy it uses, along with related costs, by 20 per cent annually. By doing this, the firm said it would save around $50 million. As well as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the firm operates the National and Alamo brands.

Enterprise pledges Sustainable Construction Protocol

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Car hire giant Enterprise is continuing to move forward with its commitment to greener practices by pledging $150 million to improving existing locations and making sure new locations conform to its Enterprise Sustainable Construction Protocol. The green building standard is to be implemented over the coming five years and it is predicted that by the time it is complete, the company will be making savings on water and energy of some 35 per cent.

Enterprise Holdings’ director of corporate sustainability, Lee Broughton, said the company’s initiative will have a dramatic impact on thousands of existing locations as well as future projects. Currently, the car rental firm is concentrating on around 1,000 projects which include retrofitting plans and new locations.

There are seven areas Enterprise will be concentrating on as set out in its ESCP. These include using a range of sustainable materials in existing locations and new builds, improving the use of energy, undertaking better recycling practices and conserving water. Broughton said that Enterprise hoped that the investment would reap substantial returns.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has already been awarded accolades for its green initiatives. Last summer, the firm’s new vehicle rental location at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was given the silver certificate by LEED, an award set up by the Green Building Council. A call centre run by Enterprise, as well as the company’s fleet management headquarters, are also LEED-certified.

Enterprise is also involved in a number of other green initiatives including research into renewable fuels and a programme for offsetting the amount of carbon the firm puts into the atmosphere.

Enterprise to add Nissan LEAF to its fleet

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Enterprise customers in a number of major US cities will soon be able to book the Nissan LEAF at their local dealership. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has ordered 500 of the electric vehicles and they will start entering the car hire company’s fleet in December. Initially, the vehicles will be rolled out in seven major markets where the infrastructure already exists for maintenance and charging.

In preparation for the introduction of the cars Enterprise has taken delivery of a test LEAF which it will take around selected outlets to educate staff and customers about the new technology. Lee Broughton, director of sustainability at Enterprise, said he felt there was still a great deal of mystery when it comes to electric vehicles.

Broughton added that by taking the Nissan LEAF out to the firm’s customers and employees he hoped some of that mystery would begin to evaporate. He went on to say that Enterprise was in a perfect position to show people the tremendous advantages to choosing an electric vehicle next time they rent.

On a single charge the Nissan LEAF can cover around 100 miles. This makes it an ideal commuter car. It is also the car of choice for those who wish to do their bit for the environment. The vehicle can be charged in several ways including through a customer’s home outlet, at a public outlet or at a special high-speed charging outlet.

Broughton said that with the introduction of the Nissan LEAF to the Enterprise fleet, the company was showing just how committed it was to allowing cleaner, more efficient technologies to prove themselves in the marketplace.

Enterprise goes green with 500 electric vehicles

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has purchased 500 Nissan Leafs, the environmentally-friendly electric vehicle that has zero emissions. The Leaf is scheduled to be available for sale to the general public throughout the US and Europe in December of this year, and the company hopes to sell 20,000 units within the first year of its release, although analysts believe the car will outperform sales expectations.

According to Katherine Zachary, spokesperson for Nissan, Enterprise has agreed to purchase 500 of the lithium-ion-powered autos, and delivery is scheduled for January 2011. Enterprise is the second car hire firm which has agreed to purchase the revolutionary new vehicle, as Nissan announced last February that it was also selling the Leaf to Hertz Global Holdings Inc, for use in its locations throughout the US and Europe. Enterprise will use its initial 500 units for car hire consumers only in the US, according the Ms Zachary.

Nissan, the Yokohama-based car manufacturing company, is Japan’s third largest automobile maker, and hopes to have over 500,000 Leafs produced by the year 2012. The auto has received global accolades for its design and performance, and received the Green Car Vision Award by the Green Car Journal in January of this year.

Enterprise WeCar car sharing launches in Raleigh

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has launched its car sharing program WeCar in Raleigh, North Carolina, which allows environmentally-conscious consumers to take advantage of accessible autos in the city to accommodate their short-term driving needs. The program offers 24-hour service, charged per hour, and its implementation in Raleigh makes the city only the third in the US to have a public version of the initiative, following on the heels of St Louis, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Ryan Johnson, Enterprise Rent-A-Car vice president for WeCar operations, said that the program gives consumers a hassle-free, low-cost way to rent autos on a short-term basis. He went on to add that consumers can register for the program on the WeCar website, then begin making reservations around Raleigh after they receive their membership card, which is used to grant access to the vehicle’s keys by swiping it through an on-board computer in the car.

According to Mitchell Silver, Raleigh’s planning director; the debut of WeCar demonstrates the growth of Raleigh as a major US city. He went on to say that program’s such as the WeCar car sharing initiative help to foster and promote effective and environmentally-friendly travel, and will provide a wider array of transportation alternatives for the residents in Raleigh.

Enterprise helps grads apply for jobs

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, one of the leading international car hire companies, has launched a graduate recruitment application through Youth Media, the leading independent youth media network. The application runs on university and library computers with the Youth Media’s YouthWire Desktop Platform, and provides information on companies looking for new recruits. The widespread roll-out of the YouthWire Desktop Platform has led to its installation in 65 universities, with accessibility for over 650,000 students.

According to Justin Smith, director of Youth Media, ‘With reports that there are 70 graduates applying for every vacancy in the UK, companies know they need to sift through the market and identify the best candidates, and Enterprise was able to get an excellent start to this process through this app on our platform.’

Youth Media has made great strides in reaching young adults in the UK, as the company now sees 2.5 million students, aged between 14 and 25, use the YouthWire Desktop Platform in over 200 educational institutions. The Youth Media presence is easily recognised in the many universities which offer use of its software through posters which are located in libraries, computer rooms, and other areas of study. Other Youth Media clients include Microsoft, JP Morgan, the Army, the NHS, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Enterprise goes green with SCA

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is partnering up with the Student Conservation Association to help rid US parks and forests from invasive species. The initiative, which starts in May, will help protect the estimated 42 per cent of critters and plants on the federal Threatened or Endangered Species list through the mapping, restoring, and re-vegetation of some 75,000 acres of public lands. Federal authorities claim that the environmental disruption from exotic, non-indigenous species cost the US economy $100 billion each year.

According to SCA president Dale Penny, human intervention is needed to prevent further destruction to the American landscape by exotics. Penny went on to add that his organisation is grateful to Enterprise for its generosity and vision, and believe the two groups will make a big difference through their joint efforts.

Enterprise assistant vice-president Chrissy Taylor-Broughton echoed the sentiments, and said the restoration of native plants in the parks will have both immediate and long-term effects.  She added that her company is proud to continue its long commitment to the environment through its new partnership with the SCA.

The program will utilise over 100 university students for the purposes of habitat restoration, invasive plant eradication, and environmental education. Some of the areas which will receive assistance include famous US landmarks such as the Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, and the Cibola National Forest.

Enterprise helps environment by planting one million trees

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Enterprise is scheduled to plant one million trees during American Arbour Day celebrations this year. Arbour Day occurs on the last day in April each year in the US, and sees tree-planting events all across the country. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation has been active in tree-planting in recent years, and this year will exceed five million trees in its tree-planting initiative.

Enterprise Holdings chairman Andy Taylor said that planting trees is one the many ways in which his company is using its resources to support the environment, and that Enterprise has a long-term commitment to its policies protecting the earth’s natural resources. Enterprise has been involved in Arbor Day tree-planting activities for the past five years, and has the goal of planting 50 million trees, which it calls its ’50 Million Tree Pledge’ to the US Forest Service.

The company is focusing its efforts where forests are crucial to the area water supply, and this year, two California forests have been chosen to receive the bulk of the trees. Enterprise also has plans to plant trees in Flathead National Forest in Montana, Payette National Forest in Idaho, and will cross the border into Canada to plant trees in Manitoba Forest.

The UK will also benefit from the Enterprise campaign, as 50,000 trees are scheduled to be planted during the autumn months in Cowal and Trossachs Forest District in Scotland.

Guns and drugs found in hire car

Friday, January 8th, 2010

A vehicle stopped by police that was carrying four basketball players from the University of Tennessee, two found with guns, was hired by a Knoxville woman whose own vehicle had experienced mechanical problems.

Attorney T. Scott Jones, who is representing the woman and her family, said there had been no NCAA violations, and that the daughter was using the car and let someone else drive it.

The basketball players, Tyler Smith, Brian Williams, Cameron Tatum and Melvin Goins, were driving in the black 2010 Dodge Charger, when they were pulled over by authorities on New Year’s Day for allegedly speeding.  Inside the car, police found two semiautomatic handguns and loaded magazines, marijuana and alcohol.

All four players were charged with carrying weapons for the purpose of going armed.

Williams, 22, of New York., and Smith, 23, of Pulaski, Tennessee, who were sitting near where a Taurus handgun was found, also were charged with carrying an item with an altered serial number. The serial number on the Taurus had been filed down.

Williams and Goins also face charges of possession of marijuana. They were sitting in the back seat of the car where a backpack containing the drugs was located. The backpack bore Williams’ name, records show.

Jones claimed Teresa Dixon, of Knoxville, hired the Charger on the 29th of December when her own car broke down, and was paying $27.99 per day for the rental, a special holiday rate.  Police say the car was rented from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Enterprise Rent A Car signs up with National Hockey League

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Enterprise Rent A Car have just signed a deal to become the official car hire agency for both the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association. Although details of the final agreement have not yet been published the deal will see the car rental firm sponsoring National Hockey League television and internet coverage with their logo visible on camera. Enterprise will have their branding up at events and will also have a mixture of marketing rights and the opportunity to promote themselves through the NHL’s thirty clubs. The deal is said to be worth an eight figure sum and is a multi-year agreement.

Vice President, Creative, Media and Sponsorships for Enterprise, Holly Campbell says that the Enterprise brand fits well with that of the NHL because hockey is an affordable way of entertaining the whole family. She also said that the number of NHL fans is growing as a new generation becomes interested.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales and Marketing for the NHL, Keith Wachtel said that by having access to all levels of the NHL Enterprise will be able to connect with a growing audience who will soon come to associate their favourite game with Enterprises North American network of branch offices.