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Constable warns that budget cuts could lead to more speeding related fatalities

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

A chief constable from Cambridgeshire, one of the longest serving officers in the country, has said that she believes that budget cuts by the police force could lead to more fatalities resulting from speeders on the UK roads. Julie Spence also said during an interview with the Daily Telegraph that she thinks motorists are hypocrites when it comes to speeding, as most believe they can exceed the legal limit when they choose, but it is not acceptable for others to follow suit.

Ms Spence went on to say during her interview that most speeders don’t worry about the potential ramifications of exceeding the speed limit until the unthinkable happens; they lose a loved one during an auto accident. She added that while most people view speeding as a negligible crime, she believes it is anti-social behaviour, similar to vandalism and that those who violate the speed laws should be dealt with harshly.

The UK Department of Transport released statistics for 2009 that showed speeding to be the cause of 4,187 deaths and serious injuries. Ms Spence’s fear is that budget cuts by police departments could cause the already lax treatment of speeders to become even worse, leading to an increase in automobile fatalities in the years to come.