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The country’s number one car rental site has announced that it will be joined by road charity Brake in this year’s launch of the Road Sense campaign. An annual event organised by, the scheme aims to make motorists more aware of a particular area of road safety. This time it is aiming to encourage […]

Research conducted by a driving charity and an insurance company has revealed that a quarter of all drivers who have accumulated 12 points, or in some cases a great many more, are still being permitted to take to the roads. According to Direct Line Insurance and Brake, one driver is still getting behind the wheel […]

The government is to look at proposals by the Department for Transport to raise the legal speed limit on motorways in England and Wales to 80mph. According to Philip Hammond, secretary for transport, the 70mph restrictions which were introduced in 1965 have become outdated. He said that advances in technology and safety meant that the […]

The possibility that French Eurotunnel drivers could walk out on strike over the bank holiday weekend means that some holidaymakers planning to head to the continent for a short break may have to rethink their plans. Eurotunnel has said it will do everything within its power to keep schedules running as normal, but added that […]