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On 1 January, the emissions trading scheme will begin across Europe as a way of offsetting the amount of carbon dioxide being produced by airlines. The scheme will apply to all airlines land or taking off from airports in the EU. Carriers will have a cap put on the amount of CO2 they are allowed […]

A group of airlines in the UK and Ireland have come together to ask the government to abolish Air Passenger Duty. The tax was first added to tickets in 1994 as a way of offsetting the carbon emitted by jet engines. What was between £5 and £40 added to the price of a ticket is […]

Britain is facing an announcement that, for the fourth time in just five years, Air Passenger Duty will be increased. Many in the airline industry are concerned that the hike will hit those who have already booked their seats on future flights. If the announcement in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is as predicted, the new […]

Chairman of the Association of British Travel Agents, John McEwan, has said that even though the government needed to be congratulated on postponing any increase in the level of Air Passenger Duty until next year, more had to be done to make sure that the tax was a fair tax. Speaking to delegates at a […]

Airlines have been hitting out at Air Passenger Duty (APD). British Airways said that on some long-haul flights APD could mean a fare increase of up to 55 per cent. The UK government has called APD an environmental tax. BA claims it is already paying twice over for the amount of carbon it emits, even […]

In another blow to Luton, easyJet has announced that it’s cutting flights to the beleaguered airport by at least 20%. Earlier this week SkyEurope, another airline serving Luton, declared bankruptcy and stopped all operations there as well. The easyJet move carries with it the prospect of enormous job cuts for the local area. They currently […]