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New posters a distraction for drivers

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

A poster erected by West Yorkshire’s Safer Roads Group has come under fire for being an unnecessary distraction on a dangerous corner. The poster is part of a campaign to get motorists to focus on the roads and has been erected on a 90-degree bend into the village of Copley.

The poster tells drivers to keep their eyes on the road, but some believe that whilst reading the message drivers could be setting themselves up for a head on collision. Geoffrey Williams, who uses the road to get to and from work, said he understood the message but thought it irresponsible to place it on such a tricky bend in the road.

In London, a poster for the latest version of the Wonderbra is causing road safety groups to voice their concern. The 20-foot wide poster featuring Brazilian model Sabraine Banado has been erected near Waterloo station. However, unlike the iconic Eva Herzigova ‘Hello Boys’ campaign, which apparently caused dozens of traffic accidents, the new campaign is 3D.

Institute of Advanced Motorists spokesman, Vince Yearley, said he was worried that, because most drivers don’t put on a pair of 3D glasses when they get into their cars, the fuzzy nature of the ad could cause them to have to concentrate harder on Sabraine Banado than they are on the road ahead.

Yearley added that it only takes a brief loss of concentration for an accident to occur. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said they would be interested to know if Banado’s cleavage caused any road accidents, but were not overly concerned.