Singapore Airlines announces revised Tokyo schedule

March 23rd, 2011 Written by

Fears of a nuclear crisis in Japan have caused airlines to revise their schedules to Tokyo. Singapore Airlines has said that the drop in demand for seats is the reason it will be cutting in half the number of services to Haneda Airport. On its website, the flag-carrier said it would be suspending flights SQ635 and SQ636 as of 27 March. The airline confirmed that it would continue to fly four times daily to Narita until further notice.

Firefighters and technicians are continuing to do battle with Fukushima’s nuclear reactors. The facility was badly damaged after it was hit by the tsunami created by one of the largest earthquakes ever to be recorded.

Although workers continue to pump massive amounts of water into the reactors to cool nuclear material, there have been reports that smoke and steam is again being released.

There are growing fears that fallout from the facility is contaminating supplies of water and food. Although health experts and the Japanese authorities are asking people not to panic, abnormal levels of radiation have been recorded in milk supplies and spinach being grown close to the stricken power plant. Tokyo’s tap water has also registered higher than usual levels of radiation, but experts say it remains safe to drink.

According to one of the country’s news stations, efforts to cool the nuclear reactors and restore power to the Fukushima plant have been suspended as what appears to be smoke rises from reactor number three and steam is once again coming out of reactor number two.